Thursday, 21 November 2013

Questions for Fiona

Taryn Wichenko is doing a great job of playing Fiona in the musical and here's what she told me:

My favourite part of the musical is the last song after the bows, "I'm a Believer". I like this because all of the characters are all together on stage singing a song that was made famous by the movie Shrek. It really ties the classic movie with the newer musical together quite well.

I like being in musical mainly because I can't get enough of performing. I find there's nothing like it and it gives me such a thrill. 

My favourite character is Lord Farquaad, he is so incredibly funny and I love all the little jokes that go along with his character.
This musical is a hilarious show for anyone. It's perfect for kids, but not only, as there are so many references that adults can enjoy too. 

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